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PathfYnder: How I Use Personal Courage and Emotional Control to Face Fear, Build Success and Get What I Want (AUTOGRAPHED)

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Master Sergeant Watkins, an accomplished Army Veteran with an exceptional military resume that spans 29 years, is one of the first women in the military to become an Army Pathfinder when she was just a Specialist/E-4.

In her new book, PathfYnder: How I Use Emotional Control to Build Success and Get What I Want, Erinn

shares a lifetime of wisdom in taking the best steps to becoming your best self. From her early memories of a vulnerable childhood to Army basic training to almost three decades of the highs of international travel, specialized schooling, and promotion to the lows of targeted bullying, toxic leadership, and sexual

harassment, no experience is off limits as Erinn demonstrates her secret to being successful despite enduring conflicts and hostile work environments. Erinn illustrates key life principles she has learned about taking the best steps that lead down the right path. In doing so, she takes readers on a welcome journey that they will find to be as illuminating as it is empowering.